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Kayak trips to the islands of the Romantic Coastline rich in nature, specifically to Manija and Sorgu, are more than just special. Sorgu island, that is under nature protection, is a tiny rocky island of five hectares, which is a natural rock-garden and a paradise for sea birds. Manilaid or Manija Island is located less than a kilometer away from the mainland and about 35 people live here year-round. The whole island is like one valuable coastal meadow, which is characterized by the growth of rare plants and the constant ringing of the voices of coastal birds. In warm early summer nights one may hear here a loud concert of a natterjack – a species of a toad living in Manija, where it has the largest population in Estonia and probably of entire Western Europe. Kayak trips along the coast and to the islands are ideal for getting acquainted with the coastal birds nesting on the coastal meadow, because the birdlife here is particularly rich in species! Tours also include enjoyable stopovers for holding picnics.  

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