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The bogs of Nätsi-Võlla Nature Reserve together constitute the largest bog in Pärnumaa County. The Reserve comprises the surrounding forests and the wooded meadows of Viruna, as well as the growth areas of the beautiful lady’s slipper orchids. The reserve is an internationally important bird area.  The most ancient nester here is the golden eagle, but is also the home to the golden plover, wood sandpiper, black grouse, red-backed shrike, common crane, ruff, swamp-harrier, marsh harrier, whooper swan, merlin and grouse. The bogs are rich in cranberries and cloudberries. On a couple of dozen hectares, a crop culture of cranberry has been planted. This is one of the truly bizarre places, where you can drive a car to the cranberry field and in a good berry year, you can pick berries with your dress shoes on, or even lie on the ground and pick cranberries. The local bog pools, however, are full of white water lilies. The legend has it that they are all the drowned souls of the virgins who did not want to relent to the ‘rights of the first night’ to the landlord. Therefore, the northernmost bog – the Nätsi bog – is also called the Neitsi (Virgin) bog. Before WWII, on the high swamp island of Võlla bog, there were two hermit farms: Salu-Jaan Eessaare farm and Salu-Jaan Tagasaare farm. It is said that the owner of one of those farms was called a Swamp Monster. The families of the swamp islands were deported in 1949. As late as at the beginning of the 1990’s, part of the farm buildings still had their roofs and next to one was standing a crumbling threshing machine, a winnower and a horse drive. The sharp plowing terrace at the edge of the field of the Eessalusaare farm refers to the longtime inhabitation of the island.

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