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Luitemaa Nature Reserve covers the most expressive part of the south-western landscape of Estonia. The richest values of the reserve area are the extensive and bird-rich coastal meadows. The sand dunes designate the 5000 year-old shoreline border the Gulf of Pärnu, but they are the most powerful in Luitemaa. The dunes of Tornimägi and Tõotusemägi located in the coastal forests are the highest in Estonia and supposedly in the Baltic countries. The beautiful bogs located between the dune chains and the dune pine forests of the Reserve area are loved by berry and mushroom pickers as well as by recreational athletes. The Rannametsa-Tolkuse nature trail of Luitemaa begins at the Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla highway, in the parking lot at the 162nd kilometer marker. The trail is 2.2 km long and shaped like a circle. Passing through the course takes 1.5 to 2 h. The trail meanders through Tolkuse bog over the high dune hills, which are covered by a light pine forest and ends up on Tornimäe. In the middle of the hill is located a 18 meter high tower, with magnificent views from the viewing platform to Häädemeeste meadow from one side and to Tolkuse bog on the other side. On the trail there are several points of interest, bog lakes and rest places. Local dune pine forests are the most beautiful and the highest in Estonia.  

Luitemaa Nature Guide:  
Marika Kose
+372 565 61373

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