To the wild!

Lake Ermistu,  the largest in Pärnu County and at the same time in the entire area of Läänemaa, is the ninth largest in Estonia.  The area of the  lake is 480 ha. People have called Lake Ermistu by the names of Lake Tõstamaa, Lake  Hermes, Lake Härmesi , Lake Ermistu and Lake Mõisajärv. Lake Ermistu is famous for its curative mud or sapropel that is used by many medical institutions.  

Lake Tõhela is one of the most beautiful lakes of Pärnu County and the entire Western Estonia area.  The area of the fifteenth largest lake in Estonia is 338.5 ha. In the North-West part of the lake begins one of the most famous crayfish rivers of the region - Paadrema River.  In the post-war period, the lake was a training bombing polygon of the Soviet Air Force.  

The Ermistu and Tõhela lakes have a lot in common: they are surrounded by swamps and bogs, which are their nutritional supply.  The lakes are rich in fish, so they easily become favorite lakes for hobby fishermen. The eastern shores are easily accessible, which allow the sandy shores to be suitable for swimming and creates favorable conditions for rest.  Tõstamaa municipality has established public beaches on the eastern shores of both lakes, where both young and old can find many activities.  There are rest areas, volley ball courts, children's playgrounds and observation towers.  Ermistu and Tõhela lakes are a nice place to relax, enjoy nature, fish and to have a picnic with your friends.

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