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If you feel that your heart beats in the same rhythm with the nature and you want to go where it is not possible to obtain access by any means of transport and where the boardwalk will not take you, then tie bog shoes to your feet and go on a bog hike! Bog shoes provide an opportunity to move in the bog in an environmentally friendly way, to step on the surface of the bog without damaging it and without sinking in. On the bog shoe hike you will get a real life experience as to what it is like to move around unhindered on fluffy snowdrifts and bog pools. The best time for bog-shoeing is fall and winter, when the Estonian countryside is extremely beautiful. Luitemaa Nature Reserve is one of the most unique by its landscape, where the most beautiful and highest dune pine forests in Estonia are growing; it is also the location of the unique Tolkuse bog. As the local area is also rich in birds, you can combine bog shoeing with bird watching.

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