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In spring and autumn, during the migration period of the birds is the best time to make acquaintance with one of the most enjoyable pastimes –bird watching! It is in the spring, when thousands of migratory birds arrive here from far away countries in the south and settle down conveniently in our woods and coastal meadows and start nesting. The only things that you will need for observing birds are to wear clothes according to the weather and a bit of patience. In addition, the tour organizer provides you with binoculars, a bird classification manual and a tour guide. The north shore of the Gulf of Livonia is very diverse in nature as well as in bird life - there are birds characteristic of bogs and the sea coast: eagle, black stork, the small spotted eagle, crane, Slavonian Grebe, grouse and sandpiper. Located here is the Lindi Nature Reserve of 1100 ha, Kastna junipers and the Kavaru coastal meadow, all three equipped with bird observation towers.

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