Cultural delicacies

On the Tõstamaa manor excursion, one can get acquainted to the history of one of the most beautiful manors of Pärnu County and a tour is made in the premises of the manor building. From 1921, the Post-Classical style mansion has hosted the local school. In 1997, during the renovation of the schoolhouse, unique ceiling murals were discovered in many rooms. In the oldest part of the house, the space underneath the mantle chimney has been preserved. The last baron of Tõstamaa estate was the scientist Alexander Stael von Holstein (1877 - 1937), who was born and raised in Tõstamaa and was a Professor of Sanskrit language and the Head of the Department of Beijing University.  After the excursion, young people are offered an opportunity to participate in the exciting orienteering game of the manor house.

Tõstamaa Mõis SA
Kalli mnt 13, Tõstamaa
+372 53 468 635

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