Vacation on Romantic Coastline

The beautiful sandy beaches and the warm water of Estonia's southern coast are a particular favorite among families with children. Our tour itineraries will help make your holidays even more meaningful! Select a suitable accommodation in the primeval forests of the inland or on the seashore and bring the entire family to experience a relaxing and enjoyable time!

To all nature lovers! Visit the Rannametsa-Tolkuse trail that meanders through the bog and over the high dune hills covered in pine forests. Then enjoy a drive to the coastal meadow, where we will explore the local heritage and natural values of the coast. At the end of the day the local housewives welcome you to try their homemade dishes in the Kollamaa holiday house.
Price includes: bus transportation, guided tour, lunch
Duration: 6 hrs.
Estonian, English and Russian
Adult 37. - / children 26.-
Prices without transportation 26.- / 19. -

Enjoy the serene beauty of Vaike farm located in clean natural surroundings, away from major towns and villages.  Snuggle with our goats, sheep and Estonian native horses. The hostess enjoys crafts and each guest has the opportunity to experience some handicraft. For lunch, the hostess offers food made of homemade goat cheese and dishes prepared from gifts found in the forest and fields. Many of the crafts and farm produce are available for purchase!
Price includes: bus transportation, tour of the farm, handicraft or riding, farm lunch
Duration: 5 hrs.
Estonian, English and Russian.
Adult 37. - / children 26. - Prices without transportation 20. - / 14. -

Come visit the historical sites connected with the construction of old sailing ships and check out the yawl "Kaja". In Captain Markson's mansion listen to stories from that distant time and while sipping fragrant tea prepared by the hostess enjoy a little concert on a home organ. Later a visit to Kabli beach and the legendary holiday home of the astronauts where a light lunch adds to the occasion.
Price includes: bus transportation, tours, visit to Markson mansion with an organ concert and tea, plus a light lunch.
Duration: Up to 5 h.
Estonian and English
Adult 35 - / children 25 - Prices without transportation 23 - / 17 -

On the beaches of Estonia’s summer capital Pärnu, invigorated health has been on the mend for 170 years. The city is known for its colorful cultural life, beautiful parks and well-preserved wooden architecture. After a city tour there is time to shop and enjoy the cozy cafes. Those that prefer more robust activities can take a ride after the city tour to Valgeranna adventure park. The park has five adventure trails with different heights and degrees of difficulty. After the exciting adventures in the tree tops, relax on Valgeranna beach, a restful place to enjoy the Sea.
Price includes: bus transportation, tour.
Tickets for the adventure park are for additional fee.
Duration: 8 hrs.
Tour in various languages
Adult 32. - / children 23.-
Prices without transportation 10.- / 7.-

A visit to the border town of Ainazi, which has belonged to the composition of both Latvia and Estonia, is sure to please all adventurers. On the city tour a visit to the Ainazi Maritime School museum will tell the story of the local coastal ship masters, ships and sea trips. Also, a visit to the fire museum, the Ainaži pier and the beach is included in this tour.   Price includes: bus transportation, tours, museum tickets.
Duration: 6 hrs.
Estonian, English and Russian.
Adult 21. - / children 15. -
Prices without transportation 9. - / 7. -

Fortunately, in summer there are also rainy days when it is a nice time to engage oneself in indoor activities. The  Local Women's Society Martas teaches a variety of handicraft techniques to those interested. You can choose from felting, painting on wood chips or silk, jewelery making, perl work or maybe the painting of rubber boots between workshops.
Duration: 1-3 hrs.
Estonian, Russian and Finnish
5 -15. - / person.

Additional information
- Prices are valid in 2012
- Package price includes transportation from the accommodation establishments of Kabli-Häädemeeste region; Kabli tour beginning in Pärnu
- Tours are held if there are at least 7 participants (Kabli excursion: at least 12 participants)
- Special prices for children under 14, free for children up to 5 years.
- Pre-booking required with a minimum of two (2) working days!

Reservations and information:
Kaire Käära
+372 5698 0136

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