A journey along the Romantic Coastline is a journey through Pärnu County in Estonia, which leads the wanderer along the almost 250 km long Estonian coastline, with exotic diversions to the famous Kihnu island and also into the interior where there are remaining signs of the former Baltic coastline from ancient times. The Romantic Coastline combines roads and paths, cultural, historical and natural values, which remain within the boundaries of ten parishes of Pärnu County, each containing their own unique characteristics.

Every traveler can find a romantic track suitable for his or her own tastes and interests somewhere along the Romantic Coastline. The vast choice includes lazy walks on the sand along the beach, journeys through idyllic little villages and farm landscapes, sunny trips along the enchanting coast to enjoy the longest sunsets, a tour through a deserted swamp, meandering across a coastal meadow ringing with bird songs or exploring the salubrious pine forests which offer special charms. Visits with the vibrant and joyful coastal people, with whom it is possible to participate with for a number of exciting activities, is sure to leave an unforgettable experience in the heart of each traveler.

In order for wayfarers not to lose their way, we have marked the route with signs of the Romantic Coastline.  

Wishing you genuine experiences and looking forward to your visit,

The coastal people from the Romantic Coastline.