The center of Saarde municipality, which is located inland in the middle of forests and swamps, is the town of Kilingi Nõmme. The town, which is located on the edge of a pine forest, is decorated by well-preserved wooden houses along the main street. Kilingi Nõmme has also carried the title of the forest capital and therefore it is fully expected that in the proximity of the town there have been established forest trails with a forestry class.

Away from major roads stretch the unique bog and swamp massifs, which run all the way to the north of Latvia.  Nigula and Sookuninga protected areas of Estonia and the North Vidzeme of Latvia are precisely the places where the special natural biotic communities are found and discovered by those with this interest. With the help of several hiking trails and observation towers, every visitor can experience this natural wonder for themselves.  

St. Catherine's Church of Saarde, located alongside a beautiful lake, forms a picturesque ensemble and is an ideal place for a picnic stop.  Don’t miss a stop at the Voltveti manor house in Tihemetsa, which was completed in 1830 and its late-classical style mansion was once one of the most impressive in Pärnu County. Today the building accommodates the Tihemetsa educational institution of the Vocational Education Center of Pärnu County. The manor is surrounded by a park with 150 different kinds of trees, among which there are many rare varieties.

The Vango Holiday Farm is a place to enjoy different forms of beautifully and tastefully designed old-Estonian folklore farm architecture, relax in an idyllic farm environment or organize large events for up to 200 people.

Saarde municipality includes the most popular local recreation area - Rae Lake. In the Rae Lake recreation area, a visitor can find all the necessary things for a relaxing vacation in nature  - a car park, a toilet, a wood shed, campfire sites, shelters with benches and tables, amusements for children, swings and trails of a moderate level of difficulty.  In addition to nature lovers, the lake in the middle of the forests is also a favorite place for fishermen.