The center of Audru municipality is the town of Audru and the heart of town is the Audru Manor and Park.Fourteen well-preserved buildings have remained from the Manor; only the mansion was destroyed in World War II.  Audru Park invites you for romantic and lovely walks within its lush green lawns and flora and over its beautiful suspension bridges. A few miles away is  the Tavern Kuld Lõvi, a vivid example of the old inn architecture of the first half of the 19th century built by the manor. Those interested in history can learn more about the region in the Audru Museum, which is located in the former estate manager's house.

In addition to Audru, regional centers also include Ahaste, Jõõpre and Lindi villages, where there is a kindergarten, schools, shops and libraries with Internet access points, community centers, post offices, etc.  Today, the proximity of the city of Pärnu and the better educational and employment opportunities have had a large impact on the parish. The population of the parish is increasing year on year, mostly as a result of the new housing estates in the villages of Papisaare, Lemmetsa and Valgeranna. 

The beach and beautiful natural recreation areas have been an attraction of Audru municipality throughout the times. Valgerand beach covered with white sand and protected from the north winds by the immense pine forest is a favorite for both local beach holiday makers and for those coming from afar. In recent years, an adventure park, which towers into the tree tops, and the White Beach Golf Course have added new attractiveness to the area. 

For nature lovers the reed protection area and the polder between Valgeranna and Audru, which are nesting and migratory havens for many bird species, offer great naturist experiences. A bird sanctuary of international interest is also the Nätsi-Võlla bog, and  worth visiting is Lindi nature reserve located along Pärnu-Tõstamaa-highway. From a lookout tower close to the highway, you can observe the vast reserve, the heart of which forms Lindi bog with its small picturesque lakes.

In addition to tourism, the traditional activities in Audru parish have been farming and animal husbandry, fishing and fish processing, forestry and wood processing.  Audru is also known by its animal and fur ranching enterprises. Today, however, a wide range of manufacturing and service companies have been added. The best known are Villa Andropoff, engaged in the recreational industry, fish processing enterprise Kajax Fish Eksport, a metal company Lasertool OÜ, shrimp processing enterprise Japs M.VB.M. and a spoon factory OÜ Valmos etc. 

Strongly recommended is for visitors to drop by the Tamme farm garden, where the hostess will introduce a model herb garden of medicinal and aromatic plants. In the farm shop, each guest can buy exciting taste experiences - fragrant herb and tea mixtures, herb-flavored jams and vegetable preserves. 

The cheerful people of the parish have joined in a number of movements and societies, aimed at the development of village life, as well as preservation of local traditions and practices. As for cultural societies, Audru Jõelaevanduse Punt and an original brass band Õnn Tuli Õuele are famous all over Pärnu County. One of the grand events that have become well known is the Estonian Line Dance Festival, which is organized every summer in Sassi farm.