Wandering on the Romantic Coastline!

Great accommodations and stopover places abound in Pärnu County on the Romantic Coastline. There are accommodations to suit all tastes – from the luxury of a hotel all the way to camp sites and in between those comfortable farmhouse accommodations where you can interact directly with the kindly host families, plus there is no shortage of stopping places for caravans.  

The Romantic Coastline runs along the main highways and tourist routes passing through Pärnu County. Therefore, we have sorted the stopping points by highways starting from Pärnu. You find separately listed the accommodations on the islands of Kihnu and Manija.

When planning an adventure on the Romantic Coastline in any season, we recommend to call the accommodation place before the arrival or to book the places early on - then you are sure that the family is waiting for you. We are also very grateful if you give a notice of non-arrival to the prearranged accommodation place.

Accommodation can be booked early on the home page of the Romantic Coastal Road! Find the right form at the end of the selected accommodation facility. Also, you are welcome to share your experiences and opinions of each visited accommodation facility!

We wish you an enjoyable stopover on the Romantic Coastline!