If you are not able to visit the Romantic Coastline in person, we have made it possible for you to partake in the tastes and handicrafts of the Romantic Coastline through our e-store. The Romantic Coastline e-store gives you a wonderful possibility to make direct contact with the small producers and craftsmen and to order custom products directly from the masters.

How to order the products?  

1. Upon first entering the store there are two choices: “Local food” and “Handicrafts”. From there you will find subsections of the products.

2. If you wish to know more about the goods offered in the e-shop, please click on the link “View product details” where you will be able to get more information.

3. When you find a suitable product please click on the link “Order product” and then fill in the order form and click again on "Order product".  

4. For confirmation of a successfully performed order, the following text will appear on your screen: “Order transmission successful".

5. The following message will arrive in your e-mail box as a confirmation of the order:  “Your order has been received, we will respond to you as soon as possible".
6. In case the placement of the order was not successful, the following text will be displayed on the screen:  "Sending your order failed."

Delivery of the goods and payment:  
- Orders are submitted directly to the producer of each item.  
 - The delivery options and the fees of the goods ordered from the e-shop will be agreed with the producer of the specific product.
- The terms of payment for goods are also agreed upon with the producer.

 Enjoy shopping at the Romantic Coastline e-store!